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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

As freelancers and travel vlogger from Pakistan, the most exciting opportunity is that you get to see the mesmerizing places all around the world. But while our eyes capture those magnificent moments for us, we require some travel vlogging equipment to preserve them for you, our audience, as well.

Therefore, as Youtube travel vloggers, we carry the filming travel kit containing all of our travel vlogging equipment; camera for travel vlogging, microphone, lights, batteries, and memory cards in our travel vlogging setup. But before even initiating the Youtube travel vloggers journey, one must sort out which travel vlogging equipment and especially, which travel vlog camera great Youtube travel vloggers use, because, considering the rising competition and demand for high-quality content, one must choose the best travel vlogging camera. So if you’re interested in what our travel gear contains and what travel vlogging equipment we use to ensure your best travel experience along with us, then keep reading because today we’re going to expose what travel vlogging equipment and travel vlog camera we use as Youtube travel vloggers.

Following are the travel vlogging equipment and travel vlog camera we use as Youtube travel vloggers for our travel camera setup:


The most important travel vlogging equipment, which is a must for every Youtube travel vlogger travel gear is a travel vlog camera. The camera is basically eyes to Youtube travel vloggers' journey, as it captures all the beauty and aesthetic views for you to share with the world. But now back to square one, which is the best travel vlog camera to use for Youtube? Well, in the light of our traveling experience as Youtube travel vloggers, we would suggest you and use ourselves, the latest and the most advanced, Go-Pro Hero7 Black travel vlog camera. It is the best travel vlogging camera for all Youtube travel vloggers. After having many travel vlog camera to use for Youtube after the years of experience as Youtube travel vloggers we can certainly swear by it and state that it is the best travel vlogging camera. Easy to use, and above all, has the finest quality. We’re sure once you use it and keep in your travel vlogging gear you won’t have to think which camera to use for Youtube, because you will always have your answer! For more details, you can check it here on Amazon.

Tripod Stand:

As Youtube travel vloggers, tripods are the most important elements for us as they hold the camera which we use for travel vlogging gear.

As Youtube travel vlogger from Pakistan, we have to discover new things to share with our audience. So be it a high mountain or aesthetic beach, sunny day outside or monsoon evening, you would always need equipment in your travel camera set up to support your travel vlog camera and keep it from jumbling and ruining the video quality. So tripod stands are the best thing to hold your camera and make sure you keep a place for it in your travel vlogging gear. Meanwhile, there are multiple tripod stands and most of them are compatible with all kinds of travel vlog cameras. Thereby, despite the model of your travel vlog camera to use for Youtube, you can easily find suitable tripod stand to fit in your filming travel kit. Meanwhile, we use Sabrent Flexible Tripod with Ball Head Bundle for Standard Tripod Mount. It is one of a very crucial travel vlogging equipment; essential for every travel vlogging gear. However, this one is a great tripod stand for travel filming kit and most suitable for GoPro – our present travel vlogging camera. It is foldable, convenient to carry in a filming travel kit with its strong structure and design. Check on Amazon for more details for the most suitable tripod for your travel vlog camera.

Memory Card:

Every Youtube travel vlogger, either in Pakistan or anywhere around the world, has to roam around the places to find some worth sharing view or places and it may take a while or, sometimes, even thousands of failed attempts of filming or photographs before you get that one breathtaking scoop for yourself. Meanwhile, after those multiple hours extended travels and attempts to capture something worth it, it is always better to keep even a spare memory card for your travel vlog camera in your filming travel kit to avoid the risk of missing something. Furthermore, what if you could a card for your travel camera setup which is temperature, water, and even shockproof with the speed of 90MB/s and transfer speed up to 170MB/s for all your uninterrupted filming? Well, it is possible! It is the one we use, SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS- I Card. It is the most suitable card for filming – a must for your filming travel kit. Check Amazon for more information.

Tripod Mount:

For the stable filming, while walking, talking or even during adventures like riding a bike, sky diving, you would need tripod mounts along with the finest travel vlogging camera to keep the shots stable. They keep your camera fixed in place and stable regardless of all jolts one may be experiencing. Very convenient and resourceful to have in your travel camera setup for that fine quality video because after all nobody is going to enjoy your shaky vlog even if you had recorded it with the best travel vlogging camera. Considering the fact that we currently have the GoPro travel vlogging camera to use as Youtube travel vloggers, so we use the GoPro Ball Joint Buckle - Official GoPro Mount. You can check it on Amazon.


Along with the question of which travel vlogging camera to use for Youtube, you also have to decide which microphone you should carry in your travel vlogging setup. Because your vlog with no or unclear sound won’t be enough even if you record it with the most advanced travel vlogging camera. Just like a travel vlog camera, mic is also mandatory travel vlogging equipment for your filming travel kit as it enables you to convey your message along with the visuals. We use the Saramonic SR-XM1 and always have it in our travel camera setup. It is an omnidirectional microphone that is specially designed for Youtube travel vloggers and professional use – inbuilt noise detection and cancellation system with improved sensitivity. It is certainly the best microphone we have ever contained in our travel vlogging gear. Check Amazon for a detailed description.

Mic Adaptors:

For the high-quality audio whilst using pro-level external microphones, we have GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter Official GoPro Accessory in our travel camera setup. With its wide range, USB mounting, and data extension with a 90 Degree connector it is definitely needed in your filming travel kit. Review it on Amazon for more details.

Mic Furs:

Specially designed for surplus noise suspension with perfect audio preservation, mic furs have become the king in the market for Youtube travel vlogger in Pakistan and beyond; also an essential in their filming travel kit. As a Youtube travel vlogger in Pakistan or anywhere in the world, you must be aware of the challenges faced on daily basis due to the rush and noise around you while traveling. It could be some traffic or people around you, or maybe some very loud splashes of water waving away back in the ocean while you are capturing beach life; it may kill the vibe and interrupts your sound to the extent that it irritates your viewers away. So how to prevent it? You could use the Mic furs! It not only removes background noise but also helps reduce breath, popping noise, unpleasant wind and other environmental sounds being heard during conversations while ensuring sound quality at the same time. We use the Onwon Outdoor Microphone Furry Windscreen Muff, which is made of premium grade artificial fur and protects microphones against saliva and dust damages, thus, keeping them sanitary and clean. Besides camera, stand and mic, it is also a must in every travel camera setup. For further details, you can check it on Amazon.

Camera Case: