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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Hello! Are you planning to travel to Maldives from Pakistan, but worried about Pakistan to Maldives Visa, Pakistan to Maldives ticket price and can’t find in budget hotels in Maldives?

Well, don’t worry because this is our Maldives travel blog Pakistan. We, Mr. Shahab and Ms. Durr-e-Sameen; real life, professional and travel partners, explore the world together and pave ways for you to travel in those locations as well by giving budget friendly tips and tricks to ensure the best experience.

A Paradise on Earth!

Its aesthetic location, environment and celestial experience is bound to give you a glimpse of paradise.

Also with such economical Pakistan to Maldives ticket price, no hectic requirements for Pakistan to Maldives visa, and best in budget hotels in Maldives – there are enough reasons for you to plan a trip to Maldives from Pakistan. Meanwhile, after reading our Maldives travel blog Pakistan, you will certainly be able as well as very excited to get ready to fly there.

When planning a visit to new place, feeling uncertain and confused is natural. New location and meeting strangers might be scary but in this Maldives travel blog Pakistan, we would give you highlights of our overall travelling experience to Maldives from which you can learn all the necessary information about its places to visit or maybe the places which you should avoid.

In the meantime, we made our travel to Maldives from Riyadh, Saudia Arabia, but you can also easily get Pakistan to Maldives Visa and plan your trip with the same bookings as well. However, this Maldives travel blog Pakistan is derived from our 12 episodes based Travel Vlog Maldives Series, and in each episode we have shared some insights, reviewed the places and best budget hotels in Maldives, most economical airline and Pakistan to Maldives ticket price for you to travel to Maldives from Pakistan, also considered the requirements for Pakistan to Maldives Visa and some other bonus tips for you to make your travel to Maldives from Pakistan more convenient as well as enjoyable by booking the economically best in budget hotels in Maldives. All while delighting you with the aesthetic natural sceneries and our fun moments!

Why we planned this tour?

So before we get further, let’s answer a simple but very important question; Why Maldives? Well, the answer to this should be that this whole journey was definitely hustle free. There were not much requisites beforehand, and after just few simple requirements you can get the Pakistan to Maldives Visa at landing; fill the simple form, should have hotel booked and return air ticket with cash around 50$ - 100$ in hand. And that’s it!

How to?

In episode one, we take you with us up in the sky and through the travel journey to Maldives from Riyadh, Saudia Arabia (but you can also get Pakistan to Maldives Visa easily, book the same flight from Gulf Air or any other flight from Pakistan by visiting google flights and compare different packages to get reasonable Pakistan to Maldives ticket price. But just make sure you book directly from the airline website for authentic prices), and review the flight experience, discuss Pakistan to Maldives Visa requirements in details, talk about our stay at Bahrain airport, and why it may not be our best experience and how it could have been better with some simple improvements and tips for getting your Pakistan to Maldives Visa more easily, which ones are the most budget friendly hotels in Maldives and how to make sure you get the better experience when you travel to Maldives from Pakistan yourself. And decide if Pakistan to Maldives ticket price would even be worth the price for you? Additionally, you get to see our first-hand experience as Pilots ;)

Moving on with our journey in episode two and this Maldives travel blog Pakistan, we had a stay for four hours at Bahrain airport. So we decided to eat something and food there costed us around 7$ per person. Also, you get discounts if you visit Bahrain during your stay hours but unfortunately we couldn’t avail this opportunity because we were short on time. However, maybe you can plan something there too!

Now let’s talk about our experience of second flight by the same Gulf Air airline and why it was better than the earlier, is a still a mystery to us. However, despite few inconveniences, the fact that they used creative illustration instead of typical flight safety speech caught our attention as graphic designers. We also met the cabin crew and the sweetest flight attendant. Moreover, if you are worried about your child during the flight, they even got the solution for it! To make your journey peaceful, they also have baby sitters which can take care of your child during flight – and don’t fear for your budget as it’s also very economical. So during our whole trip we made sure to gather all the relevant information so your Pakistan to Maldives ticket price and complete trip to Maldives remains on a budget from Pakistan!

Tip: Try to travel off season for cheaper rates.

Fast forward to our next phase, which was landing. And the beautiful view, a little humid but unique weather elicited our excitement prodigiously, but we even made sure to not lose our senses in such excitement and got our hands on the most economical SIMcard deals along with discovering some insights from locals to ensure that your travel to Maldives remains on a budget from Pakistan as well.

· You can buy 17GB Sim card for 30$ and 30GB card for 50$.

· You can also convert your currency into Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) easily from the airport but remember that you can’t convert MVR into US currency back from the airport.

1$= 15 MVR

Male, the capital of Maldives, is a natural but very crowded place. Therefore, we decided to stay in Hulhumale which is in fact an artificially made island yet heavenly beautiful - as shown in our third episode of Maldives Series. We stayed there for one night at Island Beachhouse; four-star hotel in Hulhumale, which costed us 120$ including breakfast, it was one of in budget hotels in Maldives for us. You can also book it easily on here you can compare all the websites and book the most suitable one for yourself.

But before getting anywhere, transportation could come out as great turbulence if you are intending to travel to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan and not aware of charges and different means of transportation; but don’t get alarmed as we even got all the information about the most reasonable and better means to secure your comfortable travel to your destination and overall travel to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan, as well.

- At the airport, there are counters representing each hotel/resort and you can contact them to arrange a transportation for you (if included in your package).

And if not, then you can travel to Hulhumale from Male airport through three different means:

· Bus - charges 20 MVR/1.3 USD.

· Ferry - charges 5.5 MVR/ 0.35 USD.

· Taxi - charges 60 MVR/ 3.9USD.

While the third and fourth episode of our vlog series are all about our residence in the Island Beach house; food review, room tour of reasonable budget hotels in Maldives, neighborhood exploration and their domestic fruits and as only breakfast was included in our hotel package, so were fortunately forced to explore local food which costed us 7$/1000 PKR per person – which is quite reasonable.

The rates there were also reasonable for other things; like in such hot environment one would love to have coconut water and it was available for only 25 MVR, and water bottle was for 3 MVR or 1 Riyal or 40 PKR, which are actually very reasonable prices.

Impressive Fact: 59.6% working women ratio.

Later on we also went to Bombay Darbar - Desi restaurant and it costed around 12 USD or 2000 PKR per person, which was quite costly but the food was very nice and we could say in the end that it was worth it. Meanwhile, we would emphasize on making your bookings from or to get such in budget hotels in Maldives in much cheaper rates when you will travel to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan. For more details, you can check our vlog series to get your hands on best deals of budget hotels in Maldives and travel to Maldives from Pakistan. By the end of these episodes, we also learned how smartly Maldives locals are utilizing their natural resources to attract tourists from all around the world and also making money out of them directly!

Stay in Private Resort:

And now it was time for our next destination - Kurumba, a private resort, which you can see in episode six. Their warm welcome, great hospitality would surely make you feel like you did not travel to Maldives from Pakistan, but into your second home. At our arrival, we were served with coconut scented warm towels followed by freshly made coconut ice cream; reflecting the meaning behind their name (Kurumba means coconut, as told by their Assistant Front Officer Manager – Miha, along with the check-in details and some insights about their services and location with such positive energy that we were compelled to mention her in our Maldives travel blog Pakistan). After such cordial welcome, we were offered the altruistic tour by one of their humble staff member and she showed us around the whole resort, and even specified all the complimentary things to us (and we made sure to get the most use and fun out of them which you can also do to maintain your travel to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan) and which things would be charged separately. You can see them all in our vlog; spa, gym, snorkeling, and you even get one complimentary picture. How cool is that!

Sea boat – transportation to private resorts:

You cannot travel through local ferry to any private resort. You have to book sea boat and it charges 111 USD or 20k PKR per person, and it could disturb your trip to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan if you are not aware of it before your trip. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all the costs to save yourself from any vexation.

In episode seven, we introduce you closely to our dearest Asian brother, Asim bhai, whom we met there, in which he, exclusively, told us about his inspiration and also, the challenges he has to face while living and working in Maldives along with his family. Our Asian brotherhood was not just limited to this intimate interview, as our another kind Bangladeshi brother, who luckily was a chef there, made special Parathas for Shahab while Sameen sipped mixed desi tea specially made for her by Asim bhai. Moreover, even the other locals were quite humble as well and overall we enjoyed the whole food experience.

After such tasty breakfast, we followed Asim bhai to another private tour (we’re very grateful to him for such considerate and special treatment) to peek into signature restaurant and Orchid Bagheecha (garden), which had variety of herbs, plants and colorful flowers rich with mood lightening fragrances.

After enjoying the game invented by Sameen (definitely ruined version of pool), which you can learn in episode eight, we went for snorkeling – our first time ever experience and provide you with all the precautions and tips to keep in mind yourself when you plan your trip to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan or happen to do it in future elsewhere. Although, it is not easy to do as, sadly, only cute little fish enjoyed our first dive by sliding into Sameen’s mask and scaring her to heights. However, she still managed to muster her courage up and faced her fears (small fish and baby sharks) the very next day and bravo! Succeeded in capturing the most beautiful shots for you all. (Indeed, dar ky agay jeet hay :D)

How much it would cost you per month in Maldives?

Expense per month in Hulhumale would be 500 USD/80 thousand PKR per month for small family excluding 1300$ rent for one bed room apartment.

Expense per month in Male would be around 200 USD/30 thousand PKR per month for a small family excluding 700$ rent for one bed room apartment.

Later that day, we decided to burn all those parathas by working out in their gym- which was definitely complimentary, then got the opportunity to enjoy their culture; very energetic yet calming at the same time. And one little fish could not scare us away from water, therefore, we decided to come back into waves once again and also did Kayaking earlier the same day.

And at the end, the episode nine is enriched with our overall resort review and travel to Maldives from Pakistan experience recap; from staff, services to food and environment. We summarize the whole journey and analyze if it was all worth the amount we paid for it? Followed by some tips for you on how and when to make bookings for more reasonable Pakistan to Maldives ticket price, budget hotels in Maldives and how you can save some money on transportations to ensure your trip to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan. Then, we also compared all three offered packages by the resort:

1. Half board: Breakfast + Dinner

2. Full Board: Breakfast + Dinner + Lunch

3. All inclusive: 3 Meals + Activities

and which you should choose according to your preferences. However, for us half board package seemed the most suitable and economical because we were not bound all the time due to food reservations and could enjoy the whole place freely.

As our stay, on trip to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan, came to end at Kurumba Resort, but the same fate is not destined to our travel vlogs. So stay tuned for more information, fun insights and delightful exploration of places with us and get ready to plan your holidays to Maldives on a budget from Pakistan!

(You can use the above mentioned links for bookings at cheaper rates.)

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Written by: Maham Amir

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