Best Graphic Design Services or Graphic Design Company in Pakistan?

Updated: Jan 7

Are you looking for the best graphic design company in Pakistan to design your logo or book cover for your debut book? If yes, then you can catch your breath here. Because Sheikh Studios; the best graphic designing company in Lahore, is the solution for all your requirements.

It all started with a young boy who dreamt of having his own game developing and graphic designing company in Lahore, Pakistan one day. And who knew it would also become one of the best graphic design company in Pakistan?

However, the dream was threatened by many hard times just like every other dream faces during its repulsive years; and dream of having the graphic design company in Pakistan soon started to fade out. But he still didn’t give up. After many years of commitment and along with his graphic designer wife, he finally made it possible! Now, both the co-founders; Mr. and Mrs. Shahab-ud-din, own and run this game developing and graphic design company in Pakistan.

They initiated this graphic designing company in Lahore with their simplest graphic design services but with the passage of time, they both kept upgrading their skills and gradually with all such experience they have become expert in their respective fields. As we know that one can only get the greatest things after passing through the most difficult times, so did they too. But after seven years of dedication and enthusiastic creativity; The Sheikh Studios - Game development and Graphic Designing Company in Lahore, Pakistan, has finally become successful in securing a decent reputation, nationally and internationally, due to its skilled and distinguished approach towards the work; game development and graphic design services.

Our graphic design services?

Being the most versatile graphic designing company in Lahore, we offer all of the followings

graphic design services:

Logo designing:

Logos are your company’s first impression. So it should clearly reflect your goals, what your company represents and offers. Therefore, logo should be minimal but still descriptive enough. Self praise is no recommendation, but this is exactly our greatest strength. We offer you the simplest yet exceptional graphic designing services for your brand; which would not only fulfill all your requirements but also impress your customers immediately; and logo is certainly supposed to do that.

Book covers:

In this time, when millions of people are regaining interest in writing, competition is a lot more tough as compared to the past. Because of easy and even free access to the content, people prefer to choose the beautifully designed ones over the dull book covers. And despite all the talks about don’t judge a book by it’s cover; everyone tends to do that, consciously or unconsciously. The books which have creative book covers are more prone to be sold. Meanwhile, with all the effort you have put into your writing, it is certainly smart and calculated move to spend some more money in it’s designing to attract some extra readers. Moreover, now even publishing houses have realized this trick and renewing the old classics with their exclusive colorful and aesthetic book covers which not only increase their sales and profit, but also build their strong reputation in the market.


Being a business with greater goals, you should definitely consider having a professionally developed website with beautiful graphic designs to attract customers and light features so they all could have eye-treating yet easily loadable access to all information and services.

Social Media Contents:

From simplest post content to even whole promotional campaigns, we got your back in whatever you need. Being a graphic design company in Pakistan and having work experience with international clients – we understand what people would like in different regions. Thus, with our amazing graphic design services, we assure you the massive traffic and impressed customers coming your way once our designs are displayed.

Game designing:

With everything translating into codes, now even gamers have adapted to this revolution. From conducting monthly and yearly gaming competitions with participants from all over the world and bagging the huge winner prizes to taking it all to their rooms and playing while chilling in their own space - video games; E-sports have become a whole world of its own. With such changing trends and accelerated demands of games, it is always a great investment of time, energy and currency to develop some authentically influential game. And who could design it better than a real life gamer: who knows what gamers would love and prefer? Our senior game developer and graphic designer is a real life game enthusiast. If it was not for gaming, this graphic designing company in Lahore would probably have not even been existed at all. So don’t worry and just give our gamer a chance.

Other services:

Some other graphic design services, Sheikh Studios- Graphic Designing Company in Lahore, offers include flyers, brochures, and pamphlets, Infographics, Packaging, UI designs, Invitations, Catalog/Presentations, Custom Packages (Available on Request)

Our prices?

Starting from nineteen dollars, we definitely offer such amazing graphic design services at such low prices. We are the graphic design company in Pakistan aimed at delivering the best graphic design services. Thus, we never compromise at quality and this makes our every piece of work special in its own kind.

Our experience?

We are the team of passionate graphic designers and developers providing our graphic designing services and helping the world since last 7 years. These are not just the hollow numbers, but uncountable sleepless days and nights of dedication and effort which we have put into this game development and graphic designing company in Lahore. From working with local to international clients around the globe with over 33% of world domination, and more than 1000+ successful average projects in collaboration with companies from 50+ countries, we ensure that our dream not only serves us but also others. Having said that our vision is to deliver foremost quality work as showcased in our portfolio. You can click here to further view our work, because we deliver the graphic design services we claim.

With the impressive team of expert graphic designers, who surely know how to do their work, we are a graphic designing company in Lahore, Pakistan, which can create aesthetic designs which would impel your customers to be impressed.

As a prominent graphic design company in Pakistan, we swear by the qualitative work, because after all quality is what weighs more in the end.

Written by: Maham Amir

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