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App Design

Qualities of great app design

At Sheikh Studios, we have been into app design and digital media services for several years. Our clients keep increasing in number because of the qualities of our apps. We have maintained some qualities, and these qualities have made our apps stand out. Here is why our apps are the best.
We make them simple to understand
We follow the principle of “less is more” in our app design. People no longer want to struggle to understand any app. Once users find it difficult to navigate through your app, they’ll switch to other alternatives. So, it is our standard to make our apps very simple.
We give users a great experience
We design our app to give users a wonderful experience. So, whether it is a game app or other kinds of apps, users stay longer on our app because they love the experience. If we have to design your app, be sure that it will also have a great user experience.
Our apps have low requirements
The success of a mobile app depends on the number of times it is downloaded. So, it is a game of numbers. This is why we prefer our apps to have low requirements, especially when they are meant for users all over the world. For instance, people still use smartphones with Android 5, 6, 7, and 8 all over the world. If an app supports only Android 7 or above, it means it has disqualified people using Android 5 and 6 from enjoying the app. Such an app could be missing on millions of downloads. This is why our apps have low system requirements.
They are localized
Based on the purpose of your app, we can localize the content of the app. That way, what is displayed on the app will depend on the current location of users. For instance, a retail app should display prices in USD when the app is being used in the United States, and that same app should display prices in pounds when the user is in the United Kingdom.
For more information about our digital media services or app design, contact us today.

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